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START HERE: A Quick Guide to FREE Bank-to-Bank Transfers

Looking for ways to transfer funds from one bank to another for FREE? This site will provide you with different options, whether a direct transfer from the source to the destination bank or an indirect transfer via a 3rd/4th bank, so you can save on transfer fees. We have done the consolidation work, so you don't have to. :)


If you want to navigate the site and explore a specific bank, below are the banks (and e-wallets) covered by this site as of March 14, 2024. You can click on each bank to display search results of all FREE transfers to/from that bank covered by this site.


If you are looking for a specific bank pair, you can use the Quick Search widget on the sidebar. Select the bank you are sending from, the bank you are sending to, and click 'Search'.

Another alternative is to use the Search bar at the upper-right portion of the site by using the title modifier with double quotes (example - title:"BPI to BDO"). Refer to the Banks section in the sidebar or footer of this site for the searchable short names per bank.


Across this site, you will also see transfer modes mentioned for each direct transfer. The general guidelines on processing lead times for these are as follows:

  • PESONet - usually gets processed in 1-2 business days; same day crediting if triggered early in the day on a workday; no weekend/holiday processing
  • InstaPay - instant crediting in most cases
  • Dragonpay - usually gets processed around 30 minutes to 2 hours; has weekend/holiday processing (check your bank for specific guidelines)
  • Linked Bank Account / Debit Card - instant crediting in most cases


If you are more into visuals, a consolidated matrix of the data in this website is available by clicking the image below!

Please note though that this website (vs the matrix) contains more step-by-step details and more exhaustive options for FREE transfers since space in the matrix is limited. The intent of the matrix is for a bird's eye view of what's possible.

If you find any incorrect or outdated information in this site, we would appreciate if you can comment down below, or send me an email. :)

Please join our Facebook group to get updates faster and interact with the community.

Happy transferring!


  1. Fantastic website! Will you be adding Security Bank to your list soon?

    1. Thank you! Working on adding other traditional banks including Security Bank but not as easy to do without help from an actual account holder. Will definitely update the site once I am able to get sufficient credible information.


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