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BDO to SHOPEEPAY: Transfer Funds for FREE

Need to transfer funds from a BDO account to a ShopeePay account? Do it for FREE!
Last update: August 10, 2022

Cash In via Shopee App
Note: This option is only available between 6AM to 9PM.
Transfer Mode: Dragonpay

1. Go to the Shopee App and login.
2. Click on Cash In - Online Banking - BDO. Then, Confirm.
3. Enter the amount, then Pay Now.
4. You will be given the payment instructions for a Dragonpay Payment, which also includes enrolling the Dragonpay Account (one-time only) in the BDO app which will increase the transfer limit.
5. Go to the BDO App and login.
6. Follow the payment instructions from Dragonpay carefully.

As of August 10, 2022, InstaPay transfers from BDOPay app are not FREE anymore. Below option will already incur a Php25 service fee:

OPTION 2: Send Money via BDOPay App
Note: This FREE option is only available for a limited time only (exact end date not published).
Transfer Mode: InstaPay

1. Go to the BDOPay App and login.
2. Click on Send Money - Via Non-BDO Account Number - ShopeePay.
3. Follow the subsequent in-app instructions.

Happy transferring!


  1. You can transfer from BDO to ShopeePay thru BDO Debit Card with no transaction fees

  2. Thank you for sharing! We intentionally did not include the BDO Debit Card Cash In option since based on testing, it doesn't work for everyone -- others are able to cash in immediately without issues, others have their cash-ins fail and require some tweaking in the BDO app settings / calling the bank for some activation, while others despite doing these interventions were still not able to make their BDO debit card cash-in work. Just to avoid potential problems caused by what we publish in this site, we decided to just exclude it. If it works for you, then great! :)


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