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CIMB to GCASH: Transfer Funds for FREE

Need to transfer funds from a CIMB account to a GCash account? Do it for FREE!
Last update: July 30, 2022

OPTION 1: Transfer via CIMB App
Transfer Mode: InstaPay

1. Go to the CIMB App and login.
2. Click on Transfer - To Other Banks - GCash.
3. Follow the subsequent in-app instructions.

OPTION 2: GSave Integration in GCash App
Note: This option is only available for those who opened their CIMB accounts via the GCash app (GSave feature).
Transfer Mode: Linked Bank Account

1. Go to the GCash App and login.
2. Click on GSave - GSave by CIMB - Withdraw.
4. Follow the in-app instructions.

As of July 30 check, CIMB to GCash has been converted to InstaPay in the app from PESONet previously, thus, below indirect InstaPay transfers are not relevant anymore.

OPTION 3: Indirect Transfer Via Komo

1. Transfer funds from CIMB to Komo (InstaPay).
2. Transfer funds from Komo to GCash (InstaPay).

OPTION 4: Indirect Transfer Via Seabank

1. Transfer funds from CIMB to Seabank (InstaPay).
2. Transfer funds from Seabank to GCash (InstaPay).

OPTION 5: Indirect Transfer Via BPI

1. Transfer funds from CIMB to BPI (InstaPay).
2. Transfer funds from BPI to GCash (Linked Bank Account).

OPTION 6: Indirect Transfer Via BDO

1. Transfer funds from CIMB to BDO (InstaPay).

Happy transferring!