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GCASH to MAYA: Transfer Funds for FREE

Need to transfer funds from a GCash account to a Maya wallet/account? Do it for FREE!
Last update: July 30, 2022

OPTION 1: Indirect Transfer Via CIMB

OPTION 2: Indirect Transfer Via BPI

1. Transfer funds from GCash to BPI (MySaveUp Integration).
2. Transfer funds from BPI to Maya (Linked Bank Account).

Happy transferring!


  1. MayBank & UNObank has been added for GCash's GSave, though only UNObank provides a free direct transfer.

    MayBank to Maya is applicable, but relies on CIMB. Now that's fine, but due to an unfair, undisclosed-reason closure of my CIMB I had to look for other methods.

    Thank you. Keep us posted with all these.


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