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SHOPEEPAY to SEABANK: Transfer Funds for FREE

Need to transfer funds from a ShopeePay account to a Seabank account? Do it for FREE!
Last update: June 27, 2023

Send Money via Shopee App
Note: This option requires you to have a Verified ShopeePay account and a linked Seabank account.
Transfer Mode: Linked Bank Account

1. Go to the Shopee App and login.
2a. Click on Me tab - My Wallet - SeaBank. or,
2b. Go to the ShopeePay page and click on the Seabank banner (right below Pay / Bank Transfer / Request buttons).
3. In the Seabank page that will open up, click on Save to Seabank, then via ShopeePay.
4. Follow the succeeding in-app instructions.

Happy transferring!