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MAYA to SHOPEEPAY: Transfer Funds for FREE

Need to transfer funds from a Maya wallet/account to a ShopeePay account? Do it for FREE!
Last update: September 5, 2022

OPTION 1: Cash In via Shopee App
Note: This FREE option requires a minimum of Php500.
Transfer Mode: DragonPay/Shopee Bills Payment

1. Go to the Shopee App and login.
2. Click on Cash In - Payment Center / e-Wallet - ECPay, click Confirm.
3. Enter amount, click Pay Now.
4. You will be given the payment instructions for a Dragonpay/Shopee Bills Payment.
5. Go to the Maya App and login.
6. Click on Bills - Payment Solutions - Shopee.
7. Enter the Ref No from the Shopee app payment instructions as Account Number, enter amount.
8. Follow the subsequent in-app instructions.

If you need to transfer less than Php500, refer to other indirect transfer options below.

OPTION 2: Indirect Transfer Via CIMB

2. Transfer funds from CIMB to ShopeePay (InstaPay).

Happy transferring!