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MAYA to SHOPEEPAY: Transfer Funds for FREE

Need to transfer funds from a Maya wallet/account to a ShopeePay account? Do it for FREE!
Last update: October 4, 2023

OPTION 1: Transfer Money from Maya Savings
Note: This option requires you to have an Upgraded Maya account.
Transfer Mode: PESONet

1. Go to the Maya App and login.
2. Go to Maya Savings.
3. Click on Transfer my money - Other bank accounts - ShopeePay.
4. Follow the in-app instructions.

OPTION 2: Indirect Transfer Via CIMB

2. Transfer funds from CIMB to ShopeePay (InstaPay).

OPTION 3: Indirect Transfer Via UNObank

As of October 2023, Shopee Biller has been removed from Maya Pay Bills options. Below FREE transfer option is not available anymore.

Cash In via Shopee App
Note: This FREE option requires a minimum of Php500.
Transfer Mode: DragonPay/Shopee Bills Payment

1. Go to the Shopee App and login.
2. Click on Cash In - Payment Center / e-Wallet - ECPay, click Confirm.
3. Enter amount, click Pay Now.
4. You will be given the payment instructions for a Dragonpay/Shopee Bills Payment.
5. Go to the Maya App and login.
6. Click on Bills - Payment Solutions - Shopee.
7. Enter the Ref No from the Shopee app payment instructions as Account Number, enter amount.
8. Follow the subsequent in-app instructions.

Happy transferring!