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MAYA to UNOBANK: Transfer Funds for FREE


Need to transfer funds from a Maya account/wallet to an UNObank account? Do it for FREE!
Last update: September 2, 2023

OPTION 1: Cash-in via ECPay / PayExpress
Transfer Mode: PayExpress Bills Payment (Real-time)

1. Go to the UNO App and login.
2. Click on Add Money - Over The Counter - ECPay Network.
3. Enter amount then click Next. Review details, then click Confirm. Enter the OTP received.
4. In the final screen, you will be given a Reference Number starting with PTX*.
5. Go to the Maya App and login.
6. Click on Bills - Payment Solutions - PayExpress.
7. Enter the PTX* code from the UNO app as Account Number, enter amount and mobile number.
8. Follow the subsequent in-app instructions.

OPTION 2: Transfer Money from Maya Savings
Transfer Mode: PESONet

1. Go to the Maya App and login.
2. Go to Maya Savings.
3. Click on Transfer my money - Other bank accounts - UNO Digital Bank, Inc.
4. Follow the in-app instructions.

If above options do not work for you, below options provide other indirect transfer InstaPay alternatives:

OPTION 3: Indirect Transfer Via CIMB and Netbank

2. Transfer funds from CIMB to Netbank (InstaPay).
3. Transfer funds from Netbank to UNObank (InstaPay).

OPTION 4: Indirect Transfer Via CIMB and Tonik

2. Transfer funds from CIMB to Tonik (InstaPay).
3. Transfer funds from Tonik to UNObank (InstaPay).

Happy transferring!