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BPI to UNOBANK: Transfer Funds for FREE


Need to transfer funds from a BPI account to an UNObank account? Do it for FREE!
Last update: September 20, 2023

OPTION 1: Add Money from UNObank App
Note: This option has been unavailable for more than a month.
Transfer Mode: Linked Bank Account

1. Go to the UNObank App and login.
2. Click on Add Money - Online Banking - BPI
3. Follow the subsequent in-app instructions.

OPTION 2: BPI Preferred
Note: This FREE option is only available for BPI Preferred Clients.
Transfer Mode: InstaPay

1. Go to the BPI App and login.
2. Click on Transfers - Transfer Money.
3. Select your BPI account, enter amount, and select Transfer to Another Bank - Unobank Inc.
4. Follow the in-app instructions.

If above options are not available for you, below are FREE Indirect transfer options:

OPTION 3: Indirect Transfer Via Maya

1. Transfer funds from BPI to Maya (Linked Bank Account).

OPTION 4: Indirect Transfer Via ShopeePay and Seabank
3. Transfer funds from Seabank to UNObank (PESONet).

Happy transferring!


  1. It looks like UNO doesn't link BPI anymore. I just opened an account and UnionBank is the only option when trying to link a bank account

    1. Noticed this, too! :( But still hopeful it's just a temporary downtime and will be back soon. Will have to update this page if BPI still doesn't come back after maybe a month.


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