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BAYAD to TONIK: Transfer Funds for FREE


Need to transfer funds from a Bayad account to a Tonik account? Do it for FREE!
Last update: January 29, 2023

Transfer from Bayad App
Transfer Mode: InstaPay

1. Go to the Bayad App and login.
2. Click on Send Money - To Banks & Wallets - Tonik Bank.
3. Follow the subsequent in-app instructions.

As of end of 2022, Tonik is now available as a direct Send Money recipient from Bayad. Below indirect transfer options are not relevant anymore:

Indirect Transfer Via Seabank

1. Transfer funds from Bayad to Seabank (InstaPay).
2. Transfer funds from Seabank to Tonik (InstaPay).

Indirect Transfer Via CIMB

1. Transfer funds from Bayad to CIMB (InstaPay).
2. Transfer funds from CIMB to Tonik (InstaPay).

As of September 12, 2022, direct cash in from BPI Online/Unionbank Online from the Tonik app will incur a P30 transaction fee. Below options are not FREE anymore:

Indirect Transfer Via BPI

1. Transfer funds from Bayad to BPI (InstaPay).
2. Transfer funds from BPI to Tonik (InstaPay).

Indirect Transfer Via Unionbank

1. Transfer funds from Bayad to Unionbank (InstaPay).
2. Transfer funds from Unionbank to Tonik (InstaPay).

As of August 1, 2022, Komo starts charging Php8 per InstaPay transfer. Below indirect transfer is not FREE anymore.

Indirect Transfer Via Komo

1. Transfer funds from Bayad to Komo (InstaPay).
2. Transfer funds from Komo to Tonik (InstaPay).

Happy transferring!